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Job Chapter 19 | Parsha:

1Job said in reply:

2How long will you grieve my spirit,
And crush me with words?

3Time and again you humiliate me,
And are not ashamed to abuse me.

4If indeed I have erred,
My error remains with me.

5Though you are overbearing toward me,
Reproaching me with my disgrace,

6Yet know that God has wronged me;
He has thrown up siege works around me.

7I cry, “Violence!” but am not answered;
I shout, but can get no justice.

8He has barred my way; I cannot pass;
He has laid darkness upon my path.

9He has stripped me of my glory,
Removed the crown from my head.

10He tears down every part of me; I perish;
He uproots my hope like a tree.

11He kindles His anger against me;
He regards me as one of His foes.

12His troops advance together;
They build their road toward me
And encamp around my tent.

13He alienated my kin from me;
My acquaintances disown me.

14My relatives are gone;
My friends have forgotten me.

15My dependents and maidservants regard me as a stranger;
I am an outsider to them.

16I summon my servant but he does not respond;
I must myself entreat him.

17My odor is repulsive to my wife;
I am loathsome to my children.

18Even youngsters disdain me;
When I rise, they speak against me.

19All my bosom friends detest me;
Those I love have turned against me.

20My bones stick to my skin and flesh;
I escape with the skin of my teeth.

21Pity me, pity me! You are my friends;
For the hand of God has struck me!

22Why do you pursue me like God,
Maligning me insatiably?

23O that my words were written down;
Would they were inscribed in a record,

24Incised on a rock forever
With iron stylus and lead!

25But I know that my Vindicator lives;
In the end He will testify on earth—

26This, after my skin will have been peeled off.
But I would behold God while still in my flesh,

27I myself, not another, would behold Him;
Would see with my own eyes:
My heart pines within me.

28You say, “How do we persecute him?
The root of the matter is in him.”

29Be in fear of the sword,
For [your] fury is iniquity worthy of the sword;
Know there is a judgment!

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