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Psalms Chapter 85 | Parsha:

1For the leader. Of the Korahites. A psalm.

2O Lord, You will favor Your land,
restore Jacob’s fortune;

3You will forgive Your people’s iniquity,
pardon all their sins; Selah.

4You will withdraw all Your anger,
turn away from Your rage.

5Turn again, O God, our helper,
revoke Your displeasure with us.

6Will You be angry with us forever,
prolong Your wrath for all generations?

7Surely You will revive us again,
so that Your people may rejoice in You.

8Show us, O Lord, Your faithfulness;
grant us Your deliverance.

9Let me hear what God, the Lord, will speak;
He will promise well-being to His people, His faithful ones;
may they not turn to folly.

10His help is very near those who fear Him,
to make His glory dwell in our land.

11Faithfulness and truth meet;
justice and well-being kiss.

12Truth springs up from the earth;
justice looks down from heaven.

13The Lord also bestows His bounty;
our land yields its produce.

14Justice goes before Him
as He sets out on His way.

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