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Ezekiel Chapter 47 | Parsha:

1He led me back to the entrance of the Temple, and I found that water was issuing from below the platform of the Temple—eastward, since the Temple faced east—but the water was running out at the south of the altar, under the south wall of the Temple. 2Then he led me out by way of the northern gate and led me around to the outside of the outer gate that faces in the direction of the east; and I found that water was gushing from [under] the south wall. 3As the man went on eastward with a measuring line in his hand, he measured off a thousand cubits and led me across the water; the water was ankle deep. 4Then he measured off another thousand and led me across the water; the water was knee deep. He measured off a further thousand and led me across the water; the water was up to the waist. 5When he measured yet another thousand, it was a stream I could not cross; for the water had swollen into a stream that could not be crossed except by swimming. 6“Do you see, O mortal?” he said to me; and he led me back to the bank of the stream.

7As I came back, I saw trees in great profusion on both banks of the stream. 8“This water,” he told me, “runs out to the eastern region, and flows into the Arabah; and when it comes into the sea, into the sea of foul waters, the water will become wholesome. 9Every living creature that swarms will be able to live wherever this stream goes; the fish will be very abundant once these waters have reached there. It will be wholesome, and everything will live wherever this stream goes. 10Fishermen shall stand beside it all the way from En-gedi to En-eglaim; it shall be a place for drying nets; and the fish will be of various kinds [and] most plentiful, like the fish of the Great Sea. 11But its swamps and marshes shall not become wholesome; they will serve to [supply] salt. 12All kinds of trees for food will grow up on both banks of the stream. Their leaves will not wither nor their fruit fail; they will yield new fruit every month, because the water for them flows from the Temple. Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.”

13Thus said the Lord God: These shall be the boundaries of the land that you shall allot to the twelve tribes of Israel. Joseph shall receive two portions, 14and you shall share the rest equally. As I swore to give it to your fathers, so shall this land fall to you as your heritage. 15These are the boundaries of the land:
As the northern limit: From the Great Sea by way of Hethlon, Lebo-hamath, Zedad,
16Berathah, Sibraim—which lies between the border of Damascus and the border of Hamath—[down to] Hazer-hatticon, which is on the border of Hauran. 17Thus the boundary shall run from the Sea to Hazar-enon, to the north of the territory of Damascus, with the territory of Hamath to the north of it. That shall be the northern limit.

18As the eastern limit: A line between Hauran and Damascus, and between Gilead and the land of Israel: with the Jordan as a boundary, you shall measure down to the Eastern Sea. That shall be the eastern limit.

19The southern limit shall run: A line from Tamar to the waters of Meriboth-kadesh, along the Wadi [of Egypt and] the Great Sea. That is the southern limit.

20And as the western limit: The Great Sea shall be the boundary up to a point opposite Lebo-hamath. That shall be the western limit.

21This land you shall divide for yourselves among the tribes of Israel. 22You shall allot it as a heritage for yourselves and for the strangers who reside among you, who have begotten children among you. You shall treat them as Israelite citizens; they shall receive allotments along with you among the tribes of Israel. 23You shall give the stranger an allotment within the tribe where he resides—declares the Lord God.

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