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Hosea Chapter 13 | Parsha: Va-yetse

1When Ephraim spoke piety,
He was exalted in Israel;
But he incurred guilt through Baal,
And so he died.

2And now they go on sinning;
They have made them molten images,
Idols, by their skill, from their silver,
Wholly the work of craftsmen.
Yet for these they appoint men to sacrifice;
They are wont to kiss calves!

They shall be like morning clouds,
Like dew so early gone;
Like chaff whirled away from the threshing floor.
And like smoke from a lattice.

4Only I the Lord have been your God
Ever since the land of Egypt;
You have never known a [true] God but Me,
You have never had a helper other than Me.

5I looked after you in the desert,
In a thirsty land.

6When they grazed, they were sated;
When they were sated, they grew haughty;
And so they forgot Me.

7So I am become like a lion to them,
Like a leopard I lurk on the way;

8Like a bear robbed of her young I attack them
And rip open the casing of their hearts;
I will devour them there like a lion,
The beasts of the field shall mangle them.

9You are undone, O Israel!
You had no help but Me.

10Where now is your king?
Let him save you!
Where are the chieftains in all your towns
Whom you demanded:
“Give me a king and officers”?

11I give you kings in my ire,
And take them away in My wrath.

12Ephraim’s guilt is bound up,
His sin is stored away.

13Pangs of childbirth assail him,
And the babe is not wise—
For this is no time to survive
At the birthstool of babes.

14From Sheol itself I will save them,
Redeem them from very Death.
Where, O Death, are your plagues?
Your pestilence where, O Sheol?
Revenge shall be far from My thoughts.

15For though he flourish among reeds,
A blast, a wind of the Lord,
Shall come blowing up from the wilderness;
His fountain shall be parched,
His spring dried up.
That [wind] shall plunder treasures,
Every lovely object.

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