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Isaiah Chapter 10 | Parsha:

Those who write out evil writs
And compose iniquitous documents,

2To subvert the cause of the poor,
To rob of their rights the needy of My people;
That widows may be their spoil,
And fatherless children their booty!

3What will you do on the day of punishment,
When the calamity comes from afar?
To whom will you flee for help,
And how will you save your carcasses

4From collapsing under [fellow] prisoners,
From falling beneath the slain?
Yet His anger has not turned back,
And his arm is outstretched still.

Assyria, rod of My anger,
In whose hand, as a staff, is My fury!

6I send him against an ungodly nation,
I charge him against a people that provokes Me,
To take its spoil and to seize its booty
And to make it a thing trampled
Like the mire of the streets.

7But he has evil plans,
His mind harbors evil designs;
For he means to destroy,
To wipe out nations, not a few.

8For he thinks,
“After all, I have kings as my captains!

9Was Calno any different from Carchemish?
Or Hamath from Arpad?
Or Samaria from Damascus?

10Since I was able to seize
The insignificant kingdoms,
Whose images exceeded
Jersualem’s and Samaria’s,

11Shall I not do to Jerusalem and her images
What I did to Samaria and her idols?”

12But when my Lord has carried out all his purpose on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, He will punish the majestic pride and overbearing arrogance of the king of Assyria. 13For he thought,
“By the might of my hand have I wrought it,
By my skill, for I am clever:
I have erased the borders of peoples;
I have plundered their treasures,
And exiled their vast populations.

14I was able to seize, like a nest,
The wealth of peoples;
As one gathers abandoned eggs,
Nothing so much as flapped a wing
Or opened a mouth to peep.”

15Does an ax boast over him who hews with it,
Or a saw magnify itself above him who wields it?
As though the rod raised him who lifts it,
As though the staff lifted the man!

The Sovereign Lord of Hosts will send
A wasting away in its fatness;
And under its body shall burn
A burning like that of fire,
Destroying frame and flesh.
It shall be like a sick man who pines away.

17The Light of Israel will be fire
And its Holy One flame.
It will burn and consume its thorns
And its thistles in a single day,

18And the mass of its scrub and its farm land.

19What trees remain of its scrub
Shall be so few that a boy may record them.

20And in that day,
The remnant of Israel
And the escaped of the House of Jacob
Shall lean no more upon him that beats it,
But shall lean sincerely
On the Lord, the Holy One of Israel.

21Only a remnant shall return,
Only a remnant of Jacob,
To Mighty God.

22Even if your people, O Israel,
Should be as the sands of the sea,
Only a remnant of it shall return.
Destruction is decreed;
Retribution comes like a flood!

23For my Lord God of Hosts is carrying out
A decree of destruction upon all the land.

24Assuredly, thus said my Lord God of Hosts: “O My people that dwells in Zion, have no fear of Assyria, who beats you with a rod and wields his staff over you as did the Egyptians. 25For very soon My wrath will have spent itself, and My anger that was bent on wasting them.” 26The Lord of Hosts will brandish a scourge over him as when He beat Midian at the Rock of Oreb, and will wield His staff as He did over the Egyptians by the sea.

27And in that day,
His burden shall drop from your back,
And his yoke from your neck;
The yoke shall be destroyed because of fatness.

28He advanced upon Aiath,
He proceeded to Migron,
At Michmas he deposited his baggage.

29They made the crossing;
“Geba is to be our night quarters!”
Ramah was alarmed;
Gibeah of Saul took to flight.

30“Give a shrill cry, O Bath-gallim!
Hearken, Laishah!
Take up the cry, Anathoth!”

31Madmenah ran away;
The dwellers of Gebim sought refuge.

32This same day at Nob
He shall stand and wave his hand.
O mount of Fair Zion!
O hill of Jerusalem!

33Lo! The Sovereign Lord of Hosts
Will hew off the tree-crowns with an ax:
The tall ones shall be felled,
The lofty ones cut down:

34The thickets of the forest shall be hacked away with iron,
And the Lebanon trees shall fall in their majesty.

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