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Isaiah Chapter 52 | Parsha: Shofetim

1Awake, awake, O Zion!
Clothe yourself in splendor;
Put on your robes of majesty,
Jerusalem, holy city!
For the uncircumcised and the unclean
Shall never enter you again.

2Arise, shake off the dust,
Sit [on your throne], Jerusalem!
Loose the bonds from your neck,
O captive one, Fair Zion!

3For thus said the Lord:
You were sold for no price,
And shall be redeemed without money.

4For thus said the Lord God:
Of old, My people went down
To Egypt to sojourn there;
But Assyria has robbed them,
Giving nothing in return.

5What therefore do I gain here?
—declares the Lord—
For My people has been carried off for nothing,
Their mockers howl
—declares the Lord—
And constantly, unceasingly,
My name is reviled.

6Assuredly, My people shall learn My name,
Assuredly [they shall learn] on that day
That I, the One who promised,
Am now at hand.

7How welcome on the mountain
Are the footsteps of the herald
Announcing happiness,
Heralding good fortune,
Announcing victory,
Telling Zion, “Your God is King!”

Your watchmen raise their voices,
As one they shout for joy;
For every eye shall behold
The Lord’s return to Zion.

9Raise a shout together,
O ruins of Jerusalem!
For the Lord will comfort His people,
Will redeem Jerusalem.

10The Lord will bare His holy arm
In the sight of all the nations,
And the very ends of earth shall see
The victory of our God.

11Turn, turn away, touch naught unclean
As you depart from there;
Keep pure, as you go forth from there,
You who bear the vessels of the Lord!

12For you will not depart in haste,
Nor will you leave in flight;
For the Lord is marching before you,
The God of Israel is your rear guard.

13“Indeed, My servant shall prosper,
Be exalted and raised to great heights.

14Just as the many were appalled at him—
So marred was his appearance, unlike that of man,
His form, beyond human semblance—

15Just so he shall startle many nations.
Kings shall be silenced because of him,
For they shall see what has not been told them,
Shall behold what they never have heard.”

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