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Isaiah Chapter 57 | Parsha:

1The righteous man perishes,
And no one considers;
Pious men are taken away,
And no one gives thought
That because of evil
The righteous was taken away.

2Yet he shall come to peace,
He shall have rest on his couch
Who walked straightforward.

3But as for you, come closer,
You sons of a sorceress,
You offspring of an adulterer and a harlot!

4With whom do you act so familiarly?
At whom do you open your mouth
And stick out your tongue?
Why, you are children of iniquity,
Offspring of treachery—

5You who inflame yourselves
Among the terebinths,
Under every verdant tree;
Who slaughter children in the wadis,
Among the clefts of the rocks.

6With such are your share and portion,
They, they are your allotment;
To them you have poured out libations,
Presented offerings.
Should I relent in the face of this?

7On a high and lofty hill
You have set your couch;
There, too, you have gone up
To perform sacrifices.

8Behind the door and doorpost
You have directed your thoughts;
Abandoning Me, you have gone up
On the couch you made so wide.
You have made a covenant with them,
You have loved bedding with them;
You have chosen lust.

9You have approached the king with oil,
You have provided many perfumes.
And you have sent your envoys afar,
Even down to the netherworld.

10Though wearied by much travel,
You never said, “I give up!”
You found gratification for your lust,
And so you never cared.

11Whom do you dread and fear,
That you tell lies?
But you gave no thought to Me,
You paid no heed.
It is because I have stood idly by so long
That you have no fear of Me.

12I hereby pronounce judgment upon your deeds:
Your assorted [idols] shall not avail you,

13Shall not save you when you cry out.
They shall all be borne off by the wind,
Snatched away by a breeze.
But those who trust in Me shall inherit the land
And possess My sacred mount.

14[The Lord] says:
Build up, build up a highway!
Clear a road!
Remove all obstacles
From the road of My people!

15For thus said He who high aloft
Forever dwells, whose name is holy:
I dwell on high, in holiness;
Yet with the contrite and the lowly in spirit—
Reviving the spirits of the lowly,
Reviving the hearts of the contrite.

16For I will not always contend,
I will not be angry forever:
Nay, I who make spirits flag,
Also create the breath of life.

17For their sinful greed I was angry;
I struck them and turned away in My wrath.
Though stubborn, they follow the way of their hearts,

18I note how they fare and will heal them:
I will guide them and mete out solace to them,
And to the mourners among them

19heartening, comforting words:
It shall be well,
Well with the far and the near
—said the Lord—
And I will heal them.

20But the wicked are like the troubled sea
Which cannot rest,
Whose waters toss up mire and mud.

21There is no safety
—said my God—
For the wicked.

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