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Jeremiah Chapter 10 | Parsha:

1Hear the word which the Lord has spoken to you, O House of Israel!

2Thus said the Lord:
Do not learn to go the way of the nations,
And do not be dismayed by portents in the sky;
Let the nations be dismayed by them!

3For the laws of the nations are delusions:
For it is the work of a craftsman’s hands.
He cuts down a tree in the forest with an ax,

4He adorns it with silver and gold,
He fastens it with nails and hammer,
So that it does not totter.

5They are like a scarecrow in a cucumber patch,
They cannot speak.
They have to be carried,
For they cannot walk.
Be not afraid of them, for they can do no harm;
Nor is it in them to do any good.

6O Lord, there is none like You!
You are great and Your name is great in power.

7Who would not revere You, O King of the nations?
For that is Your due,
Since among all the wise of the nations
And among all their royalty
There is none like You.

8But they are both dull and foolish;
[Their] doctrine is but delusion;
It is a piece of wood,

9Silver beaten flat, that is brought from Tarshish,
And gold from Uphaz,
The work of a craftsman and the goldsmith’s hands;
Their clothing is blue and purple,
All of them are the work of skilled men.

10But the Lord is truly God:
He is a living God,
The everlasting King.
At His wrath, the earth quakes,
And nations cannot endure His rage.

11Thus shall you say to them: Let the gods, who did not make heaven and earth, perish from the earth and from under these heavens.

12He made the earth by His might,
Established the world by His wisdom,
And by His understanding stretched out the skies.

13When He makes His voice heard,
There is a rumbling of water in the skies;
He makes vapors rise from the end of the earth,
He makes lightning for the rain,
And brings forth wind from His treasuries.

14Every man is proved dull, without knowledge;
Every goldsmith is put to shame because of the idol,
For his molten image is a deceit—
There is no breath in them.

15They are delusion, a work of mockery;
In their hour of doom, they shall perish.

16Not like these is the Portion of Jacob;
For it is He who formed all things,
And Israel is His very own tribe:
Lord of Hosts is His name.

17Gather up your bundle from the ground,
You who dwell under siege!

18For thus said the Lord: I will fling away the inhabitants of the land this time: I will harass them so that they shall feel it.

19Woe unto me for my hurt,
My wound is severe!
I thought, “This is but a sickness
And I must bear it.”

20My tents are ravaged,
All my tent cords are broken.
My children have gone forth from me
And are no more;
No one is left to stretch out my tents
And hang my tent cloths.

21For the shepherds are dull
And did not seek the Lord;
Therefore they have not prospered
And all their flock is scattered.

22Hark, a noise! It is coming,
A great commotion out of the north,
That the towns of Judah may be made a desolation,
A haunt of jackals.

23I know, O Lord, that man’s road is not his [to choose],
That man, as he walks, cannot direct his own steps.

24Chastise me, O Lord, but in measure;
Not in Your wrath, lest You reduce me to naught.

25Pour out Your wrath on the nations who have not heeded You,
Upon the clans that have not invoked Your name.
For they have devoured Jacob,
Have devoured and consumed him,
And have laid desolate his homesteads.

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