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Job Chapter 15 | Parsha:

1Eliphaz the Temanite said in reply:

2Does a wise man answer with windy opinions,
And fill his belly with the east wind?

3Should he argue with useless talk,
With words that are of no worth?

4You subvert piety
And restrain prayer to God.

5Your sinfulness dictates your speech,
So you choose crafty language.

6Your own mouth condemns you—not I;
Your lips testify against you.

7Were you the first man born?
Were you created before the hills?

8Have you listened in on the council of God?
Have you sole possession of wisdom?

9What do you know that we do not know,
Or understand that we do not?

10Among us are gray-haired old men,
Older by far than your father.

11Are God’s consolations not enough for you,
And His gentle words to you?

12How your heart has carried you away,
How your eyes have failed you,

13That you could vent your anger on God,
And let such words out of your mouth!

14What is man that he can be cleared of guilt,
One born of woman, that he be in the right?

15He puts no trust in His holy ones;
The heavens are not guiltless in His sight;

16What then of one loathsome and foul,
Man, who drinks wrongdoing like water!

17I will hold forth; listen to me;
What I have seen, I will declare—

18That which wise men have transmitted from their fathers,
And have not withheld,

19To whom alone the land was given,
No stranger passing among them:

20The wicked man writhes in torment all his days;
Few years are reserved for the ruthless.

21Frightening sounds fill his ears;
When he is at ease a robber falls upon him.

22He is never sure he will come back from the dark;
A sword stares him in the face.

23He wanders about for bread—where is it?
He knows that the day of darkness has been readied for him.

24Troubles terrify him, anxiety overpowers him,
Like a king expecting a siege.

25For he has raised his arm against God
And played the hero against the Almighty.

26He runs at Him defiantly
With his thickly bossed shield.

27His face is covered with fat
And his loins with blubber.

28He dwells in cities doomed to ruin,
In houses that shall not be lived in,
That are destined to become heaps of rubble.

29He will not be rich;
His wealth will not endure;
His produce shall not bend to the earth.

30He will never get away from the darkness;
Flames will sear his shoots;
He will pass away by the breath of His mouth.

31He will not be trusted;
He will be misled by falsehood,
And falsehood will be his recompense.

32He will wither before his time,
His boughs never having flourished.

33He will drop his unripe grapes like a vine;
He will shed his blossoms like an olive tree.

34For the company of the impious is desolate;
Fire consumes the tents of the briber;

35For they have conceived mischief, given birth to evil,
And their womb has produced deceit.

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