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Job Chapter 20 | Parsha:

1Zophar the Naamathite said in reply:

2In truth, my thoughts urge me to answer
(It is because of my feelings

3When I hear reproof that insults me);
A spirit out of my understanding makes me reply:

4Do you not know this, that from time immemorial,
Since man was set on earth,

5The joy of the wicked has been brief,
The happiness of the impious, fleeting?

6Though he grows as high as the sky,
His head reaching the clouds,

7He perishes forever, like his dung;
Those who saw him will say, “Where is he?”

8He flies away like a dream and cannot be found;
He is banished like a night vision.

9Eyes that glimpsed him do so no more;
They cannot see him in his place any longer.

10His sons ingratiate themselves with the poor;
His own hands must give back his wealth.

11His bones, still full of vigor,
Lie down in the dust with him.

12Though evil is sweet to his taste,
And he conceals it under his tongue;

13Though he saves it, does not let it go,
Holds it inside his mouth,

14His food in his bowels turns
Into asps’ venom within him.

15The riches he swallows he vomits;
God empties it out of his stomach.

16He sucks the poison of asps;
The tongue of the viper kills him.

17Let him not enjoy the streams,
The rivers of honey, the brooks of cream.

18He will give back the goods unswallowed;
The value of the riches, undigested.

19Because he crushed and tortured the poor,
He will not build up the house he took by force.

20He will not see his children tranquil;
He will not preserve one of his dear ones.

21With no survivor to enjoy it,
His fortune will not prosper.

22When he has all he wants, trouble will come;
Misfortunes of all kinds will batter him.

23Let that fill his belly;
Let Him loose His burning anger at him,
And rain down His weapons upon him.

24Fleeing from iron arrows,
He is shot through from a bow of bronze.

25Brandished and run through his body,
The blade, through his gall,
Strikes terror into him.

26Utter darkness waits for his treasured ones;
A fire fanned by no man will consume him;
Who survives in his tent will be crushed.

27Heaven will expose his iniquity;
Earth will rise up against him.

28His household will be cast forth by a flood,
Spilled out on the day of His wrath.

29This is the wicked man’s portion from God,
The lot God has ordained for him.

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