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Job Chapter 21 | Parsha:

1Job said in reply:

2Listen well to what I say,
And let that be your consolation.

3Bear with me while I speak,
And after I have spoken, you may mock.

4Is my complaint directed toward a man?
Why should I not lose my patience?

5Look at me and be appalled,
And clap your hand to your mouth.

6When I think of it I am terrified;
My body is seized with shuddering.

7Why do the wicked live on,
Prosper and grow wealthy?

8Their children are with them always,
And they see their children’s children.

9Their homes are secure, without fear;
They do not feel the rod of God.

10Their bull breeds and does not fail;
Their cow calves and never miscarries;

11They let their infants run loose like sheep,
And their children skip about.

12They sing to the music of timbrel and lute,
And revel to the tune of the pipe;

13They spend their days in happiness,
And go down to Sheol in peace.

14They say to God, “Leave us alone,
We do not want to learn Your ways;

15What is Shaddai that we should serve Him?
What will we gain by praying to Him?”

16Their happiness is not their own doing.
(The thoughts of the wicked are beyond me!)

17How seldom does the lamp of the wicked fail,
Does the calamity they deserve befall them,
Does He apportion [their] lot in anger!

18Let them become like straw in the wind,
Like chaff carried off by a storm.

19[You say,] “God is reserving his punishment for his sons”;
Let it be paid back to him that he may feel it,

20Let his eyes see his ruin,
And let him drink the wrath of Shaddai!

21For what does he care about the fate of his family,
When his number of months runs out?

22Can God be instructed in knowledge,
He who judges from such heights?

23One man dies in robust health,
All tranquil and untroubled;

24His pails are full of milk;
The marrow of his bones is juicy.

25Another dies embittered,
Never having tasted happiness.

26They both lie in the dust
And are covered with worms.

27Oh, I know your thoughts,
And the tactics you will devise against me.

28You will say, “Where is the house of the great man—
And where the tent in which the wicked dwelled?”

29You must have consulted the wayfarers;
You cannot deny their evidence.

30For the evil man is spared on the day of calamity,
On the day when wrath is led forth.

31Who will upbraid him to his face?
Who will requite him for what he has done?

32He is brought to the grave,
While a watch is kept at his tomb.

33The clods of the wadi are sweet to him,
Everyone follows behind him,
Innumerable are those who precede him.

34Why then do you offer me empty consolation?
Of your replies only the perfidy remains.

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