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Job Chapter 32 | Parsha:

1These three men ceased replying to Job, for he considered himself right. 2Then Elihu son of Barachel the Buzite, of the family of Ram, was angry—angry at Job because he thought himself right against God. 3He was angry as well at his three friends, because they found no reply, but merely condemned Job. 4Elihu waited out Job’s speech, for they were all older than he. 5But when Elihu saw that the three men had nothing to reply, he was angry.

6Then Elihu son of Barachel the Buzite said in reply:
I have but few years, while you are old;
Therefore I was too awestruck and fearful
To hold forth among you.

7I thought, “Let age speak;
Let advanced years declare wise things.”

8But truly it is the spirit in men,
The breath of Shaddai, that gives them understanding.

9It is not the aged who are wise,
The elders, who understand how to judge.

10Therefore I say, “Listen to me;
I too would hold forth.”

11Here I have waited out your speeches,
I have given ear to your insights,
While you probed the issues;

12But as I attended to you,
I saw that none of you could argue with Job,
Or offer replies to his statements.

13I fear you will say, “We have found the wise course;
God will defeat him, not man.”

14He did not set out his case against me,
Nor shall I use your reasons to reply to him.

15They have been broken and can no longer reply;
Words fail them.

16I have waited till they stopped speaking,
Till they ended and no longer replied.

17Now I also would have my say;
I too would like to hold forth,

18For I am full of words;
The wind in my belly presses me.

19My belly is like wine not yet opened,
Like jugs of new wine ready to burst.

20Let me speak, then, and get relief;
Let me open my lips and reply.

21I would not show regard for any man,
Or temper my speech for anyone’s sake;

22For I do not know how to temper my speech—
My Maker would soon carry me off!

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