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Job Chapter 33 | Parsha:

1But now, Job, listen to my words,
Give ear to all that I say.

2Now I open my lips;
My tongue forms words in my mouth.

3My words bespeak the uprightness of my heart;
My lips utter insight honestly.

4The spirit of God formed me;
The breath of Shaddai sustains me.

5If you can, answer me;
Argue against me, take your stand.

6You and I are the same before God;
I too was nipped from clay.

7You are not overwhelmed by fear of me;
My pressure does not weigh heavily on you.

8Indeed, you have stated in my hearing,
I heard the words spoken,

9“I am guiltless, free from transgression;
I am innocent, without iniquity.

10But He finds reasons to oppose me,
Considers me His enemy.

11He puts my feet in stocks,
Watches all my ways.”

12In this you are not right;
I will answer you: God is greater than any man.

13Why do you complain against Him
That He does not reply to any of man’s charges?

14For God speaks time and again
—Though man does not perceive it—

15In a dream, a night vision,
When deep sleep falls on men,
While they slumber on their beds.

16Then He opens men’s understanding,
And by disciplining them leaves His signature

17To turn man away from an action,
To suppress pride in man.

18He spares him from the Pit,
His person, from perishing by the sword.

19He is reproved by pains on his bed,
And the trembling in his bones is constant.

20He detests food;
Fine food [is repulsive] to him.

21His flesh wastes away till it cannot be seen,
And his bones are rubbed away till they are invisible.

22He comes close to the Pit,
His life [verges] on death.

23If he has a representative,
One advocate against a thousand
To declare the man’s uprightness,

24Then He has mercy on him and decrees,
“Redeem him from descending to the Pit,
For I have obtained his ransom;

25Let his flesh be healthier than in his youth;
Let him return to his younger days.”

26He prays to God and is accepted by Him;
He enters His presence with shouts of joy,
For He requites a man for his righteousness.

27He declares to men,
“I have sinned; I have perverted what was right;
But I was not paid back for it.”

28He redeemed him from passing into the Pit;
He will enjoy the light.

29Truly, God does all these things
Two or three times to a man,

30To bring him back from the Pit,
That he may bask in the light of life.

31Pay heed, Job, and hear me;
Be still, and I will speak;

32If you have what to say, answer me;
Speak, for I am eager to vindicate you.

33But if not, you listen to me;
Be still, and I will teach you wisdom.

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