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Job Chapter 41 | Parsha:

1See, any hope [of capturing] him must be disappointed;
One is prostrated by the very sight of him.

2There is no one so fierce as to rouse him;
Who then can stand up to Me?

3Whoever confronts Me I will requite,
For everything under the heavens is Mine.

4I will not be silent concerning him
Or the praise of his martial exploits.

5Who can uncover his outer garment?
Who can penetrate the folds of his jowls?

6Who can pry open the doors of his face?
His bared teeth strike terror.

7His protective scales are his pride,
Locked with a binding seal.

8One scale touches the other;
Not even a breath can enter between them.

9Each clings to each;
They are interlocked so they cannot be parted.

10His sneezings flash lightning,
And his eyes are like the glimmerings of dawn.

11Firebrands stream from his mouth;
Fiery sparks escape.

12Out of his nostrils comes smoke
As from a steaming, boiling cauldron.

13His breath ignites coals;
Flames blaze from his mouth.

14Strength resides in his neck;
Power leaps before him.

15The layers of his flesh stick together;
He is as though cast hard; he does not totter.

16His heart is cast hard as a stone,
Hard as the nether millstone.

17Divine beings are in dread as he rears up;
As he crashes down, they cringe.

18No sword that overtakes him can prevail,
Nor spear, nor missile, nor lance.

19He regards iron as straw,
Bronze, as rotted wood.

20No arrow can put him to flight;
Slingstones turn into stubble for him.

21Clubs are regarded as stubble;
He scoffs at the quivering javelin.

22His underpart is jagged shards;
It spreads a threshing-sledge on the mud.

23He makes the depths seethe like a cauldron;
He makes the sea [boil] like an ointment-pot.

24His wake is a luminous path;
He makes the deep seem white-haired.

25There is no one on land who can dominate him,
Made as he is without fear.

26He sees all that is haughty;
He is king over all proud beasts.

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