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Lamentations Chapter 3 | Parsha:

1I am the man who has known affliction
Under the rod of His wrath;

2Me He drove on and on
In unrelieved darkness;

3On none but me He brings down His hand
Again and again, without cease.
4He has worn away my flesh and skin;
He has shattered my bones.

5All around me He has built
Misery and hardship;

6He has made me dwell in darkness,
Like those long dead.
7He has walled me in and I cannot break out;
He has weighed me down with chains.

8And when I cry and plead,
He shuts out my prayer;

9He has walled in my ways with hewn blocks,
He has made my paths a maze.
10He is a lurking bear to me,
A lion in hiding;

11He has forced me off my way and mangled me,
He has left me numb.

12He has bent His bow and made me
The target of His arrows:
13He has shot into my vitals
The shafts of His quiver.

14I have become a laughingstock to all people,
The butt of their gibes all day long.

15He has filled me with bitterness,
Sated me with wormwood.
16He has broken my teeth on gravel,
Has ground me into the dust.

17My life was bereft of peace,
I forgot what happiness was.

18I thought my strength and hope
Had perished before the Lord.
19To recall my distress and my misery
Was wormwood and poison;

20Whenever I thought of them,
I was bowed low.

21But this do I call to mind,
Therefore I have hope:
22The kindness of the Lord has not ended,
His mercies are not spent.

23They are renewed every morning—
Ample is Your grace!

24“The Lord is my portion,” I say with full heart;
Therefore will I hope in Him.
25The Lord is good to those who trust in Him,
To the one who seeks Him;

26It is good to wait patiently
Till rescue comes from the Lord.

27It is good for a man, when young,
To bear a yoke;
28Let him sit alone and be patient,
When He has laid it upon him.

29Let him put his mouth to the dust—
There may yet be hope.

30Let him offer his cheek to the smiter;
Let him be surfeited with mockery.
31For the Lord does not
Reject forever,

32But first afflicts, then pardons
In His abundant kindness.

33For He does not willfully bring grief
Or affliction to man,
34Crushing under His feet
All the prisoners of the earth.

35To deny a man his rights
In the presence of the Most High,

36To wrong a man in his cause—
This the Lord does not choose.
37Whose decree was ever fulfilled,
Unless the Lord willed it?

38Is it not at the word of the Most High,
That weal and woe befall?

39Of what shall a living man complain?
Each one of his own sins!
40Let us search and examine our ways,
And turn back to the Lord;

41Let us lift up our hearts with our hands
To God in heaven:

42We have transgressed and rebelled,
And You have not forgiven.
43You have clothed Yourself in anger and pursued us,
You have slain without pity.

44You have screened Yourself off with a cloud,
That no prayer may pass through.

45You have made us filth and refuse
In the midst of the peoples.
46All our enemies loudly
Rail against us.

47Panic and pitfall are our lot,
Death and destruction.

48My eyes shed streams of water
Over the ruin of my poor people.
49My eyes shall flow without cease,
Without respite,

50Until the Lord looks down
And beholds from heaven.

51My eyes have brought me grief
Over all the maidens of my city.
52My foes have snared me like a bird,
Without any cause.

53They have ended my life in a pit
And cast stones at me.

54Waters flowed over my head;
I said: I am lost!
55I have called on Your name, O Lord,
From the depths of the Pit.

56Hear my plea;
Do not shut Your ear
To my groan, to my cry!

57You have ever drawn nigh when I called You;
You have said, “Do not fear!”
58You championed my cause, O Lord,
Youhaveredeemed my life.

59You have seen, O Lord, the wrong done me;
Oh, vindicate my right!

60You have seen all their malice,
All their designs against me;
61You have heard, O Lord, their taunts,
All their designs against me,

62The mouthings and pratings of my adversaries
Against me all day long.

63See how, at their ease or at work,
I am the butt of their gibes.
64Give them, O Lord, their deserts
According to their deeds.

65Give them anguish of heart;
Your curse be upon them!

66Oh, pursue them in wrath and destroy them
From under the heavens of the Lord!

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