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Lamentations Chapter 4 | Parsha:

The gold is dulled,
Debased the finest gold!
The sacred gems are spilled
At every street corner.
2The precious children of Zion;
Once valued as gold—
Alas, they are accounted as earthen pots,
Work of a potter’s hands!
3Even jackals offer the breast
And suckle their young;
But my poor people has turned cruel,
Like ostriches of the desert.
4The tongue of the suckling cleaves
To its palate for thirst.
Little children beg for bread;
None gives them a morsel.
5Those who feasted on dainties
Lie famished in the streets;
Those who were reared in purple
Have embraced refuse heaps.
6The guilt of my poor people
Exceeded the iniquity of Sodom,
Which was overthrown in a moment,
Without a hand striking it.
7Her elect were purer than snow,
Whiter than milk;
Their limbs were ruddier than coral,
Their bodies were like sapphire.
8Now their faces are blacker than soot,
They are not recognized in the streets;
Their skin has shriveled on their bones,
It has become dry as wood.
9Better off were the slain of the sword
Than those slain by famine,
Who pined away, [as though] wounded,
For lack of the fruits of the field.
10With their own hands, tenderhearted women
Have cooked their children;
Such became their fare,
In the disaster of my poor people.
11The Lord vented all His fury,
Poured out His blazing wrath;
He kindled a fire in Zion
Which consumed its foundations.
12The kings of the earth did not believe,
Nor any of the inhabitants of the world,
That foe or adversary could enter
The gates of Jerusalem.
13It was for the sins of her prophets,
The iniquities of her priests,
Who had shed in her midst
The blood of the just.
14They wandered blindly through the streets,
Defiled with blood,
So that no one was able
To touch their garments.
15“Away! Unclean!” people shouted at them,
“Away! Away! Touch not!”
So they wandered and wandered again;
For the nations had resolved:
“They shall stay here no longer.”
16The Lord’s countenance has turned away from them,
He will look on them no more.
They showed no regard for priests,
No favor to elders.
17Even now our eyes pine away
In vain for deliverance.
As we waited, still we wait
For a nation that cannot help.
18Our steps were checked,
We could not walk in our squares.
Our doom is near, our days are done—
Alas, our doom has come!
19Our pursuers were swifter
Than the eagles in the sky;
They chased us in the mountains,
Lay in wait for us in the wilderness.
20The breath of our life, the Lord’s anointed,
Was captured in their traps—
He in whose shade we had thought
To live among the nations.
21Rejoice and exult, Fair Edom,
Who dwell in the land of Uz!
To you, too, the cup shall pass,
You shall get drunk and expose your nakedness.
22Your iniquity, Fair Zion, is expiated;
He will exile you no longer.
Your iniquity, Fair Edom, He will note;
He will uncover your sins.

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