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Micah Chapter 1 | Parsha:

1The word of the Lord that came to Micah the Morashtite, who prophesied concerning Samaria and Jerusalem in the reigns of Kings Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah of Judah.

2Listen, all you peoples,
Give heed, O earth, and all it holds;
And let my Lord God be your accuser—
My Lord from His holy abode.

3For lo! the Lord
Is coming forth from His dwelling-place,
He will come down and stride
Upon the heights of the earth.

4The mountains shall melt under Him
And the valleys burst open—
Like wax before fire,
Like water cascading down a slope.

5All this is for the transgression of Jacob,
And for the sins of the House of Israel.
What is the transgression of Jacob
But Samaria,
And what the shrines of Judah
But Jerusalem?

6So I will turn Samaria
Into a ruin in open country,
Into ground for planting vineyards;
For I will tumble her stones into the valley
And lay her foundations bare.

7All her sculptured images shall be smashed,
And all her harlot’s wealth be burned,
And I will make a waste heap of all her idols,
For they were amassed from fees for harlotry,
And they shall become harlots’ fees again.

8Because of this I will lament and wail;
I will go stripped and naked!
I will lament as sadly as the jackals,
As mournfully as the ostriches.

9For her wound is incurable,
It has reached Judah,
It has spread to the gate of my people,
To Jerusalem.

10Tell it not in Gath,
Refrain from weeping;
In Beth-leaphrah,
Strew dust over your [head].

11Pass on, inhabitants of Shaphir!
Did not the inhabitants of Zaanan
Have to go forth naked in shame?
There is lamentation in Beth-ezel—
It will withdraw its support from you.

12Though the inhabitants of Maroth
Hoped for good,
Yet disaster from the Lord descended
Upon the gate of Jerusalem.

13Hitch the steeds to the chariot,
Inhabitant of Lachish!
It is the beginning
Of Fair Zion’s guilt;
Israel’s transgressions
Can be traced to you!

14Truly, you must give a farewell gift
To Moresheth-gath.
The houses of Achzib are
To the kings of Israel
Like a spring that fails.

15A dispossessor will I bring to you
Who dwell in Mareshah;
At Adullam the glory
Of Israel shall set.

16Shear off your hair and make yourself bald
For the children you once delighted in;
Make yourself as bald as a vulture,
For they have been banished from you.

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