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Proverbs Chapter 18 | Parsha:

1He who isolates himself pursues his desires;
He disdains all competence.

2The fool does not desire understanding,
But only to air his thoughts.

3Comes the wicked man comes derision,
And with the rogue, contempt.

4The words a man speaks are deep waters,
A flowing stream, a fountain of wisdom.

5It is not right to be partial to the guilty
And subvert the innocent in judgment.

6The words of a fool lead to strife;
His speech invites blows.

7The fool’s speech is his ruin;
His words are a trap for him.

8The words of a querulous man are bruising;
They penetrate one’s inmost parts.

9One who is slack in his work
Is a brother to a vandal.

10The name of the Lord is a tower of strength
To which the righteous man runs and is safe.

11The wealth of a rich man is his fortress;
In his fancy it is a protective wall.

12Before ruin a man’s heart is proud;
Humility goes before honor.

13To answer a man before hearing him out
Is foolish and disgraceful.

14A man’s spirit can sustain him through illness;
But low spirits—who can bear them?

15The mind of an intelligent man acquires knowledge;
The ears of the wise seek out knowledge.

16A man’s gift eases his way
And gives him access to the great.

17The first to plead his case seems right
Till the other party examines him.

18The lot puts an end to strife
And separates those locked in dispute.

19A brother offended is more formidable than a stronghold;
Such strife is like the bars of a fortress.

20A man’s belly is filled by the fruit of his mouth;
He will be filled by the produce of his lips.

21Death and life are in the power of the tongue;
Those who love it will eat its fruit.

22He who finds a wife has found happiness
And has won the favor of the Lord.

23The poor man speaks beseechingly;
The rich man’s answer is harsh.

24There are companions to keep one company,
And there is a friend more devoted than a brother.

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