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Proverbs Chapter 28 | Parsha:

1The wicked flee though no one gives chase,
But the righteous are as confident as a lion.

2When there is rebellion in the land, many are its rulers;
But with a man who has understanding and knowledge, stability will last.

3A poor man who withholds what is due to the wretched
Is like a destructive rain that leaves no food.

4Those who forsake instruction praise the wicked,
But those who heed instruction fight them.

5Evil men cannot discern judgment,
But those who seek the Lord discern all things.

6Better is a poor man who lives blamelessly
Than a rich man whose ways are crooked.

7An intelligent son heeds instruction,
But he who keeps company with gluttons disgraces his father.

8He who increases his wealth by loans at discount or interest
Amasses it for one who is generous to the poor.

9He who turns a deaf ear to instruction—
His prayer is an abomination.

10He who misleads the upright into an evil course
Will fall into his own pit,
But the blameless will prosper.

11A rich man is clever in his own eyes,
But a perceptive poor man can see through him.

12When the righteous exult there is great glory,
But when the wicked rise up men make themselves scarce.

13He who covers up his faults will not succeed;
He who confesses and gives them up will find mercy.

14Happy is the man who is anxious always,
But he who hardens his heart falls into misfortune.

15A roaring lion and a prowling bear
Is a wicked man ruling a helpless people.

16A prince who lacks understanding is very oppressive;
He who spurns ill-gotten gains will live long.

17A man oppressed by bloodguilt will flee to a pit;
Let none give him support.

18He who lives blamelessly will be delivered,
But he who is crooked in his ways will fall all at once.

19He who tills his land will have food in plenty,
But he who pursues vanities will have poverty in plenty.

20A dependable man will receive many blessings,
But one in a hurry to get rich will not go unpunished.

21To be partial is not right;
A man may do wrong for a piece of bread.

22A miserly man runs after wealth;
He does not realize that loss will overtake it.

23He who reproves a man will in the end
Find more favor than he who flatters him.

24He who robs his father and mother and says, “It is no offense,”
Is a companion to vandals.

25A greedy man provokes quarrels,
But he who trusts the Lord shall enjoy prosperity.

26He who trusts his own instinct is a dullard,
But he who lives by wisdom shall escape.

27He who gives to the poor will not be in want,
But he who shuts his eyes will be roundly cursed.

28When the wicked rise up, men go into hiding,
But when they perish the righteous increase.

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