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Proverbs Chapter 4 | Parsha:

1Sons, heed the discipline of a father;
Listen and learn discernment,

2For I give you good instruction;
Do not forsake my teaching.

3Once I was a son to my father,
The tender darling of my mother.

4He instructed me and said to me,
“Let your mind hold on to my words;
Keep my commandments and you will live.

5Acquire wisdom, acquire discernment;
Do not forget and do not swerve from my words.

6Do not forsake her and she will guard you;
Love her and she will protect you.

7The beginning of wisdom is—acquire wisdom;
With all your acquisitions, acquire discernment.

8Hug her to you and she will exalt you;
She will bring you honor if you embrace her.

9She will adorn your head with a graceful wreath;
Crown you with a glorious diadem.”

10My son, heed and take in my words,
And you will have many years of life.

11I instruct you in the way of wisdom;
I guide you in straight courses.

12You will walk without breaking stride;
When you run, you will not stumble.

13Hold fast to discipline; do not let go;
Keep it; it is your life.

14Do not enter on the path of the wicked;
Do not walk on the way of evil men.

15Avoid it; do not pass through it;
Turn away from it; pass it by.

16For they cannot sleep unless they have done evil;
Unless they make someone fall they are robbed of sleep.

17They eat the bread of wickedness
And drink the wine of lawlessness.

18The path of the righteous is like radiant sunlight,
Ever brightening until noon.

19The way of the wicked is all darkness;
They do not know what will make them stumble.

20My son, listen to my speech;
Incline your ear to my words.

21Do not lose sight of them;
Keep them in your mind.

22They are life to him who finds them,
Healing for his whole body.

23More than all that you guard, guard your mind,
For it is the source of life.

24Put crooked speech away from you;
Keep devious talk far from you.

25Let your eyes look forward,
Your gaze be straight ahead.

26Survey the course you take,
And all your ways will prosper.

27Do not swerve to the right or the left;
Keep your feet from evil.

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