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Psalms Chapter 10 | Parsha:

1 Why, O Lord, do You stand aloof,
heedless in times of trouble?

2The wicked in his arrogance hounds the lowly—
may they be caught in the schemes they devise!

3The wicked crows about his unbridled lusts;
the grasping man reviles and scorns the Lord.

4The wicked, arrogant as he is,
in all his scheming [thinks],
“He does not call to account;
God does not care.”

5His ways prosper at all times;
Your judgments are far beyond him;
he snorts at all his foes.

6He thinks, “I shall not be shaken,
through all time never be in trouble.”

7His mouth is full of oaths, deceit, and fraud;
mischief and evil are under his tongue.

8He lurks in outlying places;
from a covert he slays the innocent;
his eyes spy out the hapless.

9He waits in a covert like a lion in his lair;
waits to seize the lowly;
he seizes the lowly as he pulls his net shut;

10he stoops, he crouches,
and the hapless fall prey to his might.

11He thinks, “God is not mindful,
He hides His face, He never looks.”

12Rise, O Lord!
Strike at him, O God!
Do not forget the lowly.

13Why should the wicked man scorn God,
thinking You do not call to account?

14You do look!
You take note of mischief and vexation!
To requite is in Your power.
To You the hapless can entrust himself;
You have ever been the orphan’s help.

15O break the power of the wicked and evil man,
so that when You look for his wickedness
You will find it no more.

16The Lord is king for ever and ever;
the nations will perish from His land.

17You will listen to the entreaty of the lowly, O Lord,
You will make their hearts firm;
You will incline Your ear

18to champion the orphan and the downtrodden,
that men who are of the earth tyrannize no more.

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