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Psalms Chapter 35 | Parsha:

1Of David.
O Lord, strive with my adversaries,
give battle to my foes,

2take up shield and buckler,
and come to my defense;

3ready the spear and javelin
against my pursuers;
tell me, “I am your deliverance.”

4Let those who seek my life
be frustrated and put to shame;
let those who plan to harm me
fall back in disgrace.

5Let them be as chaff in the wind,
the Lord’s angel driving them on.

6Let their path be dark and slippery,
with the Lord’s angel in pursuit.

7For without cause they hid a net to trap me;
without cause they dug a pit for me.

8Let disaster overtake them unawares;
let the net they hid catch them;
let them fall into it when disaster [strikes].

9Then shall I exult in the Lord,
rejoice in His deliverance.

10All my bones shall say,
“Lord, who is like You?
You save the poor from one stronger than he,
the poor and needy from his despoiler.”

11Malicious witnesses appear
who question me about things I do not know.

12They repay me evil for good,
[seeking] my bereavement.

13Yet, when they were ill,
my dress was sackcloth,
I kept a fast—
may what I prayed for happen to me!

14I walked about as though it were my friend or my brother;
I was bowed with gloom, like one mourning for his mother.

15But when I stumble, they gleefully gather;
wretches gather against me,
I know not why;
they tear at me without end.

16With impious, mocking grimace
they gnash their teeth at me.

17O Lord, how long will You look on?
Rescue me from their attacks,
my precious life, from the lions,

18that I may praise You in a great congregation,
acclaim You in a mighty throng.

19Let not my treacherous enemies rejoice over me,
or those who hate me without reason wink their eyes.

20For they do not offer amity,
but devise fraudulent schemes against harmless folk.

21They open wide their mouths at me,
saying, “Aha, aha, we have seen it!”

22You have seen it, O Lord;
do not hold aloof!
O Lord, be not far from me!

23Wake, rouse Yourself for my cause,
for my claim, O my God and my Lord!

24Take up my cause, O Lord my God, as You are beneficent,
and let them not rejoice over me.

25Let them not think,
“Aha, just what we wished!”
Let them not say,
“We have destroyed him!”

26May those who rejoice at my misfortune
be frustrated and utterly disgraced;
may those who vaunt themselves over me
be clad in frustration and shame.

27May those who desire my vindication
sing forth joyously;
may they always say,
“Extolled be the Lord
who desires the well-being of His servant,”

28while my tongue shall recite Your beneficent acts,
Your praises all day long.

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