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Psalms Chapter 76 | Parsha:

1For the leader; with instrumental music.
A psalm of Asaph, a song.

2God has made Himself known in Judah,
His name is great in Israel;

3Salem became His abode;
Zion, His den.

4There He broke the fiery arrows of the bow,
the shield and the sword of war. Selah.

5You were resplendent,
glorious, on the mountains of prey.

6The stout-hearted were despoiled;
they were in a stupor;
the bravest of men could not lift a hand.

7At Your blast, O God of Jacob,
horse and chariot lay stunned.

8O You! You are awesome!
Who can withstand You
when You are enraged?

9In heaven You pronounced sentence;
the earth was numbed with fright

10as God rose to execute judgment,
to deliver all the lowly of the earth. Selah.

11The fiercest of men shall acknowledge You,
when You gird on the last bit of fury.

12Make vows and pay them to the Lord your God;
all who are around Him shall bring tribute to
the Awesome One.

13He curbs the spirit of princes,
inspires awe in the kings of the earth.

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