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Psalms Chapter 92 | Parsha:

1A psalm. A song; for the sabbath day.

2It is good to praise the Lord,
to sing hymns to Your name, O Most High,

3To proclaim Your steadfast love at daybreak,
Your faithfulness each night

4With a ten-stringed harp,
with voice and lyre together.

5You have gladdened me by Your deeds, O Lord;
I shout for joy at Your handiwork.

6How great are Your works, O Lord,
how very subtle Your designs!

7A brutish man cannot know,
a fool cannot understand this:

8though the wicked sprout like grass,
though all evildoers blossom,
it is only that they may be destroyed forever.

9But You are exalted, O Lord, for all time.

10Surely, Your enemies, O Lord,
surely, Your enemies perish;
all evildoers are scattered.

11You raise my horn high like that of a wild ox;
I am soaked in freshening oil.

12I shall see the defeat of my watchful foes,
hear of the downfall of the wicked who beset me.

13The righteous bloom like a date-palm;
they thrive like a cedar in Lebanon;

14planted in the house of the Lord,
they flourish in the courts of our God.

15In old age they still produce fruit;
they are full of sap and freshness,

16attesting that the Lord is upright,
my rock, in whom there is no wrong.

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