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Zephaniah Chapter 3 | Parsha:

1Ah, sullied, polluted,
Overbearing city!

2She has been disobedient,
Has learned no lesson;
She has not trusted in the Lord,
Has not drawn near to her God.

3The officials within her
Are roaring lions;
Her judges are wolves of the steppe,
They leave no bone until morning.

4Her prophets are reckless,
Faithless fellows;
Her priests profane what is holy,
They give perverse rulings.

5But the Lord in her midst is righteous,
He does no wrong;
He issues judgment every morning,
As unfailing as the light.
The wrongdoer knows no shame!

6I wiped out nations:
Their corner towers are desolate;
I turned their thoroughfares into ruins,
With none passing by;
Their towns lie waste without people,
Without inhabitants.

7And I thought that she would fear Me,
Would learn a lesson,
And that the punishment I brought on them
Would not be lost on her.
Instead, all the more eagerly
They have practiced corruption in all their deeds.

8But wait for Me—says the Lord—
For the day when I arise as an accuser;
When I decide to gather nations,
To bring kingdoms together,
To pour out My indignation on them,
All My blazing anger.
Indeed, by the fire of My passion
All the earth shall be consumed.

9For then I will make the peoples pure of speech,
So that they all invoke the Lord by name
And serve Him with one accord.

10From beyond the rivers of Cush, My suppliants
Shall bring offerings to Me in Fair Puzai.

11In that day,
You will no longer be shamed for all the deeds
By which you have defied Me.
For then I will remove
The proud and exultant within you,
And you will be haughty no more
On My sacred mount.

12But I will leave within you
A poor, humble folk,
And they shall find refuge
In the name of the Lord.

13The remnant of Israel
Shall do no wrong
And speak no falsehood;
A deceitful tongue
Shall not be in their mouths.
Only such as these shall graze and lie down,
With none to trouble them.

14Shout for joy, Fair Zion,
Cry aloud, O Israel!
Rejoice and be glad with all your heart,
Fair Jerusalem!

15The Lord has annulled the judgment against you,
He has swept away your foes.
Israel’s Sovereign the Lord is within you;
You need fear misfortune no more.

16In that day,
This shall be said to Jerusalem:
Have no fear, O Zion;
Let not your hands droop!

17Your God the Lord is in your midst,
A warrior who brings triumph.
He will rejoice over you and be glad,
He will shout over you with jubilation.
He will soothe with His love

18Those long disconsolate.
I will take away from you the woe
Over which you endured mockery.

19At that time I will make [an end]
Of all who afflicted you.
And I will rescue the lame [sheep]
And gather the strayed;
And I will exchange their disgrace
For fame and renown in all the earth.

20At that time I will gather you,
And at [that] time I will bring you [home];
For I will make you renowned and famous
Among all the peoples on earth,
When I restore your fortunes
Before their very eyes
—said the Lord.

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