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  • Uncle, lover, cousin or what?

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    The Hebrew in this verse literally says "daughter of his uncle." So doesn't that make Esther and Mordechai cousins? I believe that it is ...

  • Username Mordechai Eitan

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  • Esther 2 : 7

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    He was foster father to Hadassah—that is, Esther—his uncle’s daughter, for she had neither father nor mother. The maiden was shapely and bea ...

  • One reason we might fast

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    This verse explains one reason that it is customary to fast on Tisha B'Av. Just as many Jews fast before Purim to commemorate Mordechai's f ...

  • It's all about you

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    Such an amazing reframing here. We imagine "it depends on me! if I screw up, the world will fall apart!" Mordechai tells Esther - "The wor ...