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  • Hide and Seek

    Match - 100%

    For a great interpretation of this blessing and how it connects to the childhood game of hide and seek within Jewish folklore, check out thi ...

  • Numbers 6 : 24

    Match - 26%

    The Lord bless you and protect you! ...

  • Moses and Ishmael

    Match - 8%

    Lecture on the connections between Moses and Ishamel ...

  • 1 Samuel 17 : 23

    Match - 6%

    While he was talking to them, the champion, whose name was Goliath, the Philistine of Gath, stepped forward from the Philistine ranks and sp ...

  • Did David actually kill Goliath?

    Match - 6%

    Marc Zvi Brettler argues that it wasn't David who killed Goliath, but rather, Elchanan. To learn more about Brettler's argument, see chapte ...

  • Remark

    Match - 3%

    There are many stories that use clothing as plot devices and metaphors. Esther and David and Saul are the first "characters" that come to m ...