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  • Isaiah 43 : 10

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    My witnesses are —declares the Lord—My servant, whom I have chosen.To the end that you may take thought,And believe in Me,And understand tha ...

  • missing "you" at end

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    I.e. "my witnesses are *you*". Probably missing because "you" should be in italics and the conversion from whatever sources this was taken f ...

  • Remark

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    You're absolutely right. I tried to find some another example of italics in the NJPS Tanakh, and the only one I found (after a VERY cursory ...

  • Psalms 19 : 13

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    Who can be aware of errors?Clear me of unperceived guilt, ...

  • Gender in NJPS

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    Lemma in Hebrew transliteration binkha u-ven-binkha Lemma your sons and . . . your sons’ sons Critique of social-gender ascription An unjust ...

  • Gender in NJPS

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    Lemma in Hebrew transliteration ‘ad-’anah me’antem lishmor Lemma How long will you men refuse to obey Critique of social-gender ascription T ...