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  • Comix as a reframing device

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    Check out this great post by Rabbi Avi Orlow where he compares Moses and Korach with the Hulk and Abomonation. A great way of using pop cu ...

  • Numbers 16 : 2

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    to rise up against Moses, together with two hundred and fifty Israelites, chieftains of the community, chosen in the assembly, men of repute ...

  • Numbers 6 : 13

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    This is the ritual for the nazirite: On the day that his term as nazirite is completed, he shall be brought to the entrance of the Tent of M ...

  • Religious Radicalism, Science & Arts, Chanukah

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    The passage on the Nazarite relates to an article I wrote last year: ...

  • Birthdays and Mourning

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    Interesting that two staples of Jewish culture-- sheloshim and the common birthday greeting of wishing someone life for 120 years- derive f ...

  • Esther and McLuhan

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    Letters, letters, letters. They're all over Esther, and almost no where else in Tanach. It seems to me to be the start of the real letter ...